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STATE OF GRACE. Money makes the world go round – that’s what twenty- something Grace Reeves is learning. Stuck in a grind where everyone’s ahead apart. 6 Apr Summary: Grace thinks all her birthdays and Christmases have come at once when a rich, handsome stranger offers her the chance to pay off. 2 Aug Editions. Unsticky. Paperback Unsticky . Sarra Manning · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon.

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I must read more from this talented author. So when Vaughn — older, suave, and above all wealthy, Vaughn — appears, she can’t help but be intrigued.

Susy I know right. Kristen Ashley and her Alpha Men. Grace was so flawed, OK But, sadly, I couldn’t forget the “incident” and many times I googled places and details. Aug 06, Carla rated it really liked it. She kept making this stupid decisions and he was just mean almost all book long. I confess, I like age gap between heroes.

Unsticky by Sarra Manning – book review

They were great at lifting you when there were dire prospects on the horizon, but also bought out sides of characters I hugely appreciated. I would recommend it to anyone who wouldn’t be offended by a woman prostituting herself to a man who sometimes treats her like dirt.

She worked in the fashion industry and obsessed over clothes. They’re both difficult, not-particularly-likable people, and yet there’s something between them that works. It is not a book about prostitution, nor is it in any ways gory or graphic, though at the mabning time you could not call if your standard boy meets girl love story.

I love Vaughn and Grace…they’re not perfect,their flaws is so real,those little things that puts you who you are, are like them they don’t have the exaggerated life maning are people you see outsi Wow this book is Amazing! If that’s not bad enough, he’s doing it on her birthday, and if even that’s not bad enough, he’s doing it in Liberty’s.


After being dumped – yet usnticky – on her birthday, Grace is dragged off by Vaughn, a rich older man who tries to make her day a little brighter. I still don’t quite get the title, but that is neither here nor there. Buy Unsticky by Sarra Manning at Amazon.

Manning manninv knows how to cheer me up with her charming hot headed characters and leave you with a crazy dopey smile on your face throughout. See all 4 questions about Unsticky…. And, somehow, despite the difficulty of living with Mahning, Grace begins to change, discover, and believe in the newer, better version of herself that Vaughn demands she put forward.

Will she ever be able to make it past the three month mark in her relationships?

Unsticky by Sarra Manning

I sarar stand on this corner and get no traffic!! Unsticky has made it to my best of and now has a permanent place in my list of favorites. I’m going to read it as soon as it arrives.

They have a prickly sort of friendship that works. View all 32 comments.

View all 14 comments. Grace was the kind of character who I always tend to adore, and most readers tend to despise. And it was incredibly gratifying to watch them come to grips with both the extremely unpleasant and the achingly beautiful aspects of their own realities, when forced to see them through the unzticky of the other’s perspective.

He do this all the time and I can’t stop myself grinning stupidly: But Grace did know if she did accept, it was best to keep this arrangement to herself, she needed the money, so it would benefit her immensely, but she knew just how others would react to what Grace had accepted. Sign up for my weekly newsletter.


So, I was heartened to see when I read other’s reviews that I wasn’t alone in this assessment. But for a large part of the book I found what I was mostly reading about was the struggle while they learned to adapt to one another which caused Grace serious issues at first — I manninv, wow she had some learning to do…. Vaughn… well, we get that, but something was held back in the romance part of this book for too unxticky, that I never fell for him completely.

Preview — Unsticky by Sarra Manning. Most of what they dig out about the other comes under duress or inebriation and there are regrets and embarrassment at showing these sides of themselves to another person.

Manning is ujsticky for her contemporary mannign adult titles, which have been published on both sides of the pond. She gets dumped by Liam, her rocker boyfriend, on her birthday which is where Vaughn finds her crying and takes her for a drink. Mostly my experience with the older man — younger woman trope is in order to establish both as villains. And the entire last Paris scene She could taste vanilla ice cream and expectation.

Book Review – Unsticky by Sarra Manning

Grace is being paid to spend time with, organize events for, and sleep with a man eighteen years older to her. Buy a pretty vibrator for your gaping chasm. Ale jedno viem iste.