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25 May Please note, clicking on any of these links will take you directly to these websites. Dan Abrahams soccer psychology book Soccer Tough. 22 May Dan Abrahams is a global sport psychologist, working alongside leading players, Dan Abrahams Sport Psychology Book – Soccer Tough. Practice soccer for hours and you give yourself a great chance of becoming world Soccer Tough by Dan Abrahams | Chapter Kevin’s 10, Hours.

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About Sport Psychologist Dan Abrahams

Do you watch much soccer? About Sport Psychologist Dan Abrahams Dan Abrahams is a global sport psychologist, working alongside leading players, teams, coaches and organisations across the world.

Learn about your two on-course controllers — self-talk and body-language. Soccer Tough demystifies this crucial side of the game and offers practical techniques that will enable soccer players of all abilities to actively develop focus, energy, and confidence.

Because he was frequently playing with players who were bigger, stronger and quicker than him Kevin was always stretched as he competed. And Ericsson discovered more interesting facts. Make sure this feedback is as specific as possible and is solution focused.

As Joe side-foots the ball to the right Kevin sticks his foot out and knocks the ball abfahams from Joe, away from danger.


Pep Guardiola Marti Perarnau. Laura rated it liked it Jan 19, Last week we lost our first league gameleaving everyone, including me, doubting our abilities. The positive messages from each chapter help coaches to develop players through patience, repetition, reinforcement, re-appraisal and high value relationships. Create world class pre-shot and post-shot routines. Look where he is looking.

Soccer Tough: Books I & II

You could try to complete a passing drill with your head up more — checking your shoulders before the ball arrives at your feet. He became adept at finding space by looking up more than everyone else. His motivation was visible at all times!

Allow yourself to see the ball soar into the sky and bounce down ttough the half way line. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Dan Abrahams Soccer Tough | Free Sample Chapter on 10, Hours

Andrew Zucker adn it really liked it Jan 12, It is this number that is believed to be one of the secrets to success. Feel your opponent jump against you tougj feel him straining to get his head on the ball. He knows he has to read their body shape — he has to pinpoint subtle body movements that tell him whether they will pass or feign and try to go around him.


We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. If they had shouted at him for shooting he asked himself why he had shot and why the option to pass was better.

The quantity and quality of your training is a big determinant of your trajectory as a footballer. Academically he is a visiting lecturer at several universities and he holds registration with the HCPC. Train your golf brain to compete with confidence under pressure. The same region of the brain would light up.

In football most of your sessions are set by the coach so it is up to you how you socceer the sessions mentally tougher for yourself. Choose a player to model who plays in the same position as you. Working hard and working with quality despite not feeling at your best.

Soccer Tough News – Dan Abrahams Football Psychology

Feel what he feels. Getting the balance The quantity and quality of your training is a big determinant of your togh as a footballer. Over twenty years ago a group of Italian researchers hooked wires up to the brains of monkeys.