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5. me perteneces (amantes perversos)- Shayla Black. Shayla Black -Serie Guardaespaldas/Amantes Perversos Me Perteneces. 2 Oct Buy Me perteneces by Shayla Black, María José Losada Rey (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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And speaking of that one woman, Tara, or as he calls her Cherry, is a great heroine. Logan relishes the exquisite torture of holding her again and feeling her uninhibited response. But Darcy hasn’t been heard from, and the fear is that her cover’s been blown and she’s either dead or on the selling block. The majority of the story is spent at Dominion, getting Tara prepared for her mission, and I was really looking forward to the mission itself and seeing how it all played out.

Even with their relationship being so hot, it moved so fast. This will definitely not be my last Shayla Black read and if you’re looking for a scorching erotica, pick this one up! It really perreneces have all the hallmarks of the typical book in the Wicked Ties series, so it’ll be jumping into something familiar.

While training with Logan, Tara finds all the walls that she had built up slowly coming down. Belong To Me is the best book in the series so far, and that is saying something as each book has been good to great.

Shayla Black – Serie Guardaspaldas 05 – Me – Google Drive

I want the sexiness the uber hot alpha heroes, but give me different emotions, different plot lines and a heroine with a backbone would be nice. But that said, I’m glad I finally read one of Shayla’s books.

And much to my delight as well, I don’t find the characters annoying. I mean anywhere Deke is I will be sure to follow. Give me more books along the lines of the Masters of the Mountain series by Cherise Sinclair or the Bound Heart series by Lora Leigh with real heros and heroines living a somewhat normal life but are also into the BDSM lifestyle. They are submissive during sex but then outside they are kind of bitchy. When Thorne “handed” Tara over a file would have been handed over as well.


Once they submit to each other sexually, it is intensely, undeniably off-the-chain HOT! I cant wait to get my me perteneces shayla black on the next book and the release just, well, can not come soon enough to keep me satisfied. All the testosterone flying around that place! You can literally feel her walls crumbling down as she lets Logan be the man he wants to be for her. I know these stories might not be as exciting as a criminal investigation but how many readers out there are FBI agents or Navy Seals?

He uses his professionally trained emotional disconnect not only in the field but also in the dungeon. Slovenian blogger since I could understand her hesitation to totally trust Logan there was a third party with a lot of influence who constantly undermined him to her.

Yes, the sex was smoking but it wasn’t all spank and no life. It was much better than the last book in this series. This book was recommended from a friend of mine, and even though the price was heavy, it was well worth the read.

Pertfneces all 26 comments. Logan enters the room and begins to speak to the woman for the first time. Logan is a dominant who is on a self imposed sex band because he is unable to get over his high school girl friend that he had to break up with because of a threat to her life.

Belong to Me

Shayla Black’s books are a cut above many others in this genre. And guess who gets the assignment? Rarely does a sub see her doms dick, let alone be allowed to touch it.


Logan is the dominant alpha male who can crack the whip and wear me perteneces shayla black pair of leathers like nobody else. I shatla to admit I knew who the bad guy was as soon as that person first shows up in the book, but the storyline was still pretty suspenseful, I did not see the extent of the bad guys’ involvement in the plot, and especially towards the end, it was action packed, with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

The only real sounding Dom was the one in the park. Not only were the explicitly sensual sexual scenes tastily created but fit perfectly throughout the book. I pertenecee know how to stress this. They need rehab and I would love to see this pub’s authors put some pressure on this pub for alienating their readers. Well, surprise it wasn’t. Even if he doesn’t make a penny on this.

Now I need to get back and read the earlier books in the series. I was completely shocked at who the bad guy was and I love it when that happens. I adore second chance stories.

But if you’re like me and kinda tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol, well, you’ll still enjoy the scorching sex scenes, as Logan is hot and Cherry is to be envied. These two strikingly crafted protagonists were beyond a pleasure to read and get to know. Tara and her partner need to be trained in all phases of the BDSM world.