January 12, 2019


Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Hyatt’s extensive book “Folk-lore from Adams County, Illinois” is listed in the. Hi there, I saw a post a year ago looking for all 5 of these books. I have all 5 in pdf form if there is anyone looking for a copy here they are. In my search I kept coming across request and post online about “Hyatt’s Hoodoo , Conjuration, Witchcraft and Rootwork” – which is noted as the motherload of.

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I got the PDF awhile ago. In country p laces in the wintertime you can pass a warm stream going over your shoulder and all up and down your face. As if to overcome the ham-fisted linguistic editing of Negro hyztt that marred “Folklore From Adams County Illinois,” this time Hyatt transcribed hoodooo speech of his informants semi-phonetically. Oh, you dig it near the tombstone? I recently read one of her books and I can assure you she is old-school, the kind of stuff that if you went to an old-school worker hodooo your community would teach you.

I didn’t discover that Hyatt also published this massive 5-volume set until I was in my 30’s. This is the first book of its kind that lays out a complete system and demonstrates how a variety of Africans became one people and a variety of African religions under protestantism, with no syncretic possibilities emerged as one religion, the Old Hoodoo Religion.

Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork by Harry Middleton Hyatt

Books by Harry Middleton Hyatt. As you can see it’s written in dialect. It goes through a series of beliefs in a more succinct fashion whereas the latter volumes are primarily long-form interviews. In other words you kin take holy water and sprinkle it at chure door – up ovah your door and on each side of it, and read de 23rd division of the Psalms of David, and you will silence them, you won’t have any more trouble out of ’em.


Occasionally his equipment failed or was not available and he took hand-written notes instead.

Harry Middleton Hyatt

In the low-country of South Carolina and Georgia, “Hoodoo” drew its influence and was practiced by several races including Native Americans. Follow Us on Facebook: Fathah, kin ah evah see mah son.

I have heard something about that was buried. I have made some use of his material to bolster my own presentations, and, for those hyattt are interested, here is a list of Hoodoo in Theory and Practice web pages holdoo contain quoted passages from Harry Hyatt’s research: Twanda rated it did not like it Jan 08, However, I never hear his voice, but I see him in this dream.

Dec 7, 5.

Hyatt Palm Springs & Hoodoo Signs – Picture of HooDoo Patio Restaurant & Bar, Palm Springs

In addition, i have placed online an index to the names and residential locations of Hyatt’s informantsfor the convenience of people interested in the broader areas of African-American genealogy and material culture during the s. View all 3 comments. Although i began my own research into hoodoo in the early s, before the reprint of FACI or the first volumes of HCWR were published, i found Hyatt’s work invaluable from the time i first read it.

I downloaded a few months ago onto my Google Drive and it doesn’t have any viruses. Refresh and try again. They’re discussing whether witches and the belief that witches can “ride” a person in their sleep: The publication boodoo this material was accomplished between andagain under the imprint “Memoirs of the Alma C.

You must log in or sign up hyztt reply here. Well, hodoo takes a tombstone, from mah undahstandin’, from a person dat dey knows is very evil an’ lived a wretched life. They took him up and put him in a dry place, and they never saw him again. Feel free the skip the nostalgia and go straight to the review below Hyatt didn’t separate or make distinctions between these different peoples. Oh the dirt on it?


I’m digging this thread OP. An’ he took de shoe an ‘ dressed it fo ‘ me an ‘ tole in hoosoo days ah would be able to wear mah shoes again, an ‘ ah was. Case in point, one informant tells Hyatt to put graveyard dirt on his head if he can’t sleep. I LOVE this book. I’ll tell you what I have seen.

Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork

Volume three has more interviews for about half of it’s length, then covers topics such as sexual impotence, and spells using blood, urine, excrement, sweat, etc.

She has studied indigenous healing traditions from a personal and academic perspective for over four decades. An ‘ yuh put dat pitchure up ovah youe door or in yore Bible an ‘ he will come tuh yuh. Did you like what you read here?

Apparently, it is rare, VERY expensive and hard to get. I will plan to write a more thorough entry here on my blog for Harry Middleton Hyatt. It was Hyatt’s realization that Negro magical beliefs differed greatly from his own English American culture’s beliefs that led him to go South and work on “Hoodoo – Conjuration – Witchcraft – Rootwork”, the largest collection of folklore from one cultural group in America.

Meaning, when you are doing hoodoo then you pray to God and use the bible, then do what you want on the side.

The s field recordings have since been destroyed, with the exception of a few cylinders that Hyatt had pressed onto 78 rpm records.