January 22, 2019


Sufiah’s story seems to have been the inspiration for Nikita Lalwani’s first novel, “ Gifted.” Here the driven father, Mahesh, is a mathematician. The over-arching theme of this first novel by Nikita Lalwani, who was born in India but raised in Wales, is about families and what they do to. Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old. She’s figured that the likelihood of her walking home from school with the boy .

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But Rumi faces many pressures that causes her to do things that her parents could never think of. The book follows Rumi to Oxford at the age of 15, but seems to end rather abruptly Fascinating concept, but totally unfulfilling conclusion! Her father, an Indian emigree, thoroughly endorses strict discipline for bringing her genius to total fruition.

I ended up putting it aside until I had a hard copy to read, which apparently took about four years. I felt I was reading descriptions instead of internal experiences of consciousness. They have to realize what they did wrong, be truly sorry lxlwani ready to make amends.

I think this is a good story. I quite enjoyed this novel and found all the characters quite believable as well as likable “in their own way” so to speak.

As a child, India was very much part of my identity at school as well as at home. How might a bag of something be divided amongst 7 bags?

I would not read this book again, nor would I keep it, but Hy did pass it along to a friend to read. Mahesh is determined to distinguish himself and his family in their adoptive country. I could not wait to finish the book.


Instead, I can merely commend the cover artwork.

Driven by his faith in hard work and self-determination, Mahesh could put any local Edline addict to shame. Shreene, Rumi’s mother, resentfully accepts the household dominance of Rumi’s studies while worrying about how to raise her to be a proper young Indian woman. Aug 12, Juhi rated it it was amazing.

Mahesh is driven by ambition for his daughter and deludes himself that by immersing her in equations he can preserve her from the temptations of the outside world.

Sad thoughts of ‘If you loved me, you’d let me breathe’ go unvoiced, also nightly. Above all, it has a wonderfully bittersweet charm and for that reason Desmond Elliott would have loved it. The same life that the immigrant generation craved for and is deprived of, the next generation breathes and lives in Nikita balances the strong immigrant theme and that of a child’s angst at a time when the child is too young to even understand such emotions very naturally.

Review: Gifted by Nikita Lalwani | Books | The Guardian

Education exerts a powerful hold on the immigrant imagination. It taught me that there are laalwani that any girl would want to fulfill but there are always obstacles in your path to achieve what you want. Would this have been the same book if Rumi was not from India? Having always found the “gifted” label laughably imprecise and vaguely eugenic, I was immediately in Mahesh’s camp, but what follows is the story of his disastrous attempt to make Rumi reach her potential.

Her sensitivity to the pressures felt by Indian immigrants calls to mind the work of such novelists as Zadie Smith and Monica Ali, writers who hear the humor amid the anxiety of giifted.


Freedom by numbers

Rumi was well developed, but her character goes from being interesting to a total loser and I’m not sure what kind of redemption was in store for her.

I appreciated that none of the deeply flawed main characters was hifted a villain, and, in particular, how well the author captured Rumi’s growing bafflement and chaotic inner experience.

Meanwhile, Shreene believes that no gift for maths, no love of stories will save her daughter from the jikita that all young Asian girls are expected to follow. At one point she even drops out hy high school entirely to A novel about a gifted girl with driven parents.

I thought this book was very inspirational. Her thoughts and emotions are peppered with numbers and equations. Also, I sure wouldn’t hand a year-old a book with the “c” word in it Yet Rumi is growing up like any other normal teen: This generation is very happy and also proud to fit in the society, until the next generation becomes an obvious factor. But now that I’ve read it, I really loved it.

And it helped me assess my extreme This was a really haunting story about a girl whose parents are from India, and how they push her to become a child prodigy in math. Gradually, however, as she grows older, she not surprisingly begins to rebel more and more against their restrictions.